Collection: Effects Bakery

Effects Bakery is one of the brands of the effects brand "LEP INTERNATIONAL", which originated in Iwate, Japan. Due to the unified management from the purchase of components to product production, it can not only reduce costs but also produce high-quality effects at an affordable price. It doesn't mean that it will feel as cheap as ordinary cheap pedals

Due to its small size, the effects made by Effects Bakery will not take up space on the board and can enrich the effect board. The small size also greatly improves its durability, and it is not easy to be damaged after many years of use. The stability of quality is at a low price. Absolutely unparalleled among the effector brands
The most famous feature of Effects Bakery is the effect devices in the shape of all kinds of cute food, which makes people want to collect all kinds, easy for beginners to use and cute appearance, which has become the favorite of young Japanese musicians. favorite brand